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Duty Free Perfume Shopping Online in New Zealand
09 Aug

Duty Free Perfume Shopping Online in New Zealand

Everyone can’t resist a bargain! So if you are leaving New Zealand or literally just arriving, there are stores where you can buy duty free goods. These are goods that have any government tax (GST) or “duty” lifted. Merchants pass on these savings to the buyers. This could mean you can make some savings on gifts to take home or get some supplies for the start of your New Zealand adventure.


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Typically, you will find duty free stores where there is a lot on international traffic. In New Zealand that means airports, onboard international flights, ports and cruise ships. There is the exception of a duty free store in Auckland CBD, DFS Galleria, but the same conditions apply that you must present your passport and travel ticket then collect the goods at the airport. However, you are not going to make huge savings here.

But duty free only makes sense if there was duty on the goods in the first place. Equally, some goods can be more expensive.

For the hardcore duty free buyers, you can buy duty free products online and pick them up from the airport. In order to do this, you need to provide flight details.

So, why waste time and energy when you can simply get your perfume online and delivered to your door step. We have full range of designer fragrances available for you. Easy as 1 2 3.