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Men's Fragrance
25 Jul

Men's Fragrance

Is there a golden rule when it comes to men and men’s fragrance? 

‘Less is more’. Fragrance is always more potent than one imagines. A man often uses a fragrance more liberally than a woman would because his sense of smell tends not to be as acute. Also, men become used to splashing on an aftershave and forget that a cologne or an eau de toilette has a more concentrated, far more potent fragrance.

Certain men’s fragrances also best for certain seasons. As with women’s fragrance, heavier notes are best in the colder months; lighter fragrances are more suited to summer weather. If you like to wear the more potent, heavier fragrances year round, consider using the lighter aftershave version as a body cologne in warmer weather.


Should I use a cologne or an eau de toilette on my face? 

Neither. Never. Ever. They can be murder to a man’s skin. The act of shaving, the daily pruning of some 16,000 whiskers, scrapes away layers of dead skin cells to expose new skin that is unprotected and very sensitive. A cologne or eau de toilette will create `shaving shock’ if splashed onto freshly shaved skin. Its high alcohol content will burn and dry the new, raw skin. Use an aftershave or a balm on your face and reserve the cologne or eau de toilette for your body.

What’s the difference between aftershave and cologne? 
Colognes or eau de toilette are meant for your body, aftershaves for your face. Eau de toilette (or Colognes) are blended with more fragrance - anywhere from 5 to 15 per cent essential oils - while aftershaves have a lighter scent, usually around 2 to 4 per cent, less alcohol (30 to 65 per cent) and incorporate soothing emollients and calming antiseptics.

I use an electric razor? Should I still use an aftershave? 

Yes. Shaving is shaving. An electric razor is just as likely to irritate skin, so it makes sense to use an aftershave to soothe sensitive patches, to heal surface nicks. For drier skins, use an aftershave balm or moisturiser.


Will the same aftershave smell differently on different men? 

Yes, because each man’s body chemistry and skin type is a little different. The logic is this: fragrance molecules are oil-soluble, so the oilier the skin, the slower the fragrance release and the longer the scent will last. Men with oily skins should keep away from heavy, oriental notes. Choose light, crisp fragrances: Citrus and Green notes or the Fresh/Crisp interpretations of Florals, Orientals, Woody notes or Aromatic Fougère fragrances. Men with a dry skin will probably need a more potent, richer fragrance to hold the notes. Choose any Rich interpretations from the Fragrance Manual or select from the Soft Oriental, Oriental or Woody Oriental families. Generally, men with blond hair and blue eyes will tend to have dry skin. The darker the skin, the browner the eyes, the more likely a man’s skin will be oily, the longer it will hold a fragrance.