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Buying Perfume in New Zealand
25 Jul

Buying Perfume in New Zealand

Have you ever wonder if you should wear perfume to work without annoying your colleague? How to wear your perfume the best way? How long till your perfume last if left unopened? How to choose the perfect fragrance for yourself? What's the best fragrance in the world? Or perhaps want to know little bit history about perfume? Well, here are some guides for our perfume lover like yourself! 

Could I lose my sense of smell as I get older? Yes. Many men and women over 50 begin to lose their ability fully to appreciate smell sensations. That’s why older people tend to like stronger fragrances and, sometimes, use too much perfume. Research suggests that women tend to lose their sense of smell more slowly than men of the same age. Neglect appears to be the main reason; we are apt to take our noses for granted and, quite literally, forget to smell. Remember: use it or lose it!
“Finding the right fragrance is almost as hard as finding the right man".

How can I tell if my fragrance is overpowering?

Ask a friend. Since we can’t smell the fragrance we’re wearing after a while, we have to rely on the opinions of friends and family. If you regularly receive compliments, that’s probably the surest sign that you’re wearing the right fragrance. On the other hand, if people ask which fragrance you’re wearing but make no other comment, beware!


Why did a perfume I tested in a store smell so different when I tried it on later at home?

A fragrance depends strongly on the environment in which it is experienced. The perfume department often has a heady mixture of fragrances in the air, a melange that will influence the scent of any fragrance you sniff. Air-conditioning, too, creates temperature and humidity levels very different to those found at home. Most importantly, we rarely stand at the counter waiting for all phases of a fragrance to develop; we tend to discover these when we have left the store.


What is the correct way to try a fragrance?

Apply a few drops or the lightest spray to your wrist or the back of your hand. Don’t just sniff a flacon because perfume comes to life only on your skin. Wait a few moments. Give the fragrance time to bloom on your skin, to let the notes ‘talk’ to you.


When testing a fragrance which concentration should I use?

Lighter fragrance concentrations such as eau de toilette or colognes, because they dry and develop quickly.


What’s the best way to try on several fragrances?

Apply the first fragrance to one wrist and wait a few minutes. Apply the second to the other wrist and a third fragrance to the inside of the elbow. Remember, three is the maximum number of fragrances you should try on at once. Any more and your nose is likely to become confused.


Can’t I tell if I like a fragrance by sniffing the opened bottle?

No. When you sniff an open bottle, your nose inhales the sharp bite of alcohol and the volatile top notes. A fragrance needs your skin to come alive. It blooms as it reacts with the warmth of your body to create a fragrance that is unique to you.


When shouldn’t I wear perfume?

In the sun. Fragrance tends to react with ultraviolet light, irritating the skin and often causing skin discolouration. There are, however, some specially formulated alcohol-free, safe to wear in summer.